Online Performance Audit for SaaS Companies

1SaaSAgency uses detailed data analysis and SaaS expertise to identify glitches, refine strategies, and improve the effectiveness of your digital marketing audits. Operating remotely, we effortlessly assist clients in different time zones for a seamless experience. Our team examines 95 aspects, delivering a detailed report on your online advertising. Receive a 90-day plan with specific steps, priorities, and fresh ideas for improvement.

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A Guide for Business Leaders Eager to Expand in a Smart Way.

For businesses facing challenges in reaching their marketing and growth objectives.

For business leaders looking to understand how well their marketing is doing right now.

CEOs in search of an external viewpoint on the effectiveness of their marketing strategies.

Investors seeking guidance on optimizing marketing investments and identifying areas for reduction.

For Investors

Receive a detailed analysis of the marketing function to help you decide whether to invest or not.
Better understand how well your company's product fits into the market.
Spot areas that urgently need attention and investment.
Get a ready-to-use plan that your team can implement as soon as your investment is confirmed.
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For CEOs

Get an honest assessment of your marketing function's condition from an external SaaS marketing expert.
Know which strategies are worth investing in and which ones to cut, while maximizing your budget.
Get a clear plan on how to start your marketing efforts for the optimal growth of your company.

For Marketing Leaders

Get a thorough 90-day plan for taking your product to market, tailored for you and your team.
Explore practical methods to lead your marketing team toward business goals.
Identify the strengths, weaknesses, and potential issues in your marketing strategy.
Find opportunities for growth, including quick wins and long-term strategies.
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How the performance audit works

Initial Consultation and Goal Setting
Examine, investigate, and Data Collection
Compliance and Security Assessment
Market and Competitive Analysis
Operational & Product Analysis
Sales and Marketing Evaluation
In-depth Reporting and Presentation
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Elevate Your SaaS Success

Discover Unparalleled Growth and Operational Excellence with Our In-Depth Performance Audit – Your Blueprint for Strategic Advancements and Market Dominance

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A checkup report for how you sell your product

We will look at the details you give us, easy-to-find facts, and what we can find with our expertise to make a simple report about how well these things are going.

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Growth Priorities

Are the priorities for growth clear, and is there a specific focus on a particular market vertical? Have you found the right fit for your product in the market?

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Team Skills

Does your marketing team have the necessary skills, and are these roles filled appropriately? Identify and address any skill gaps within the team.

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Content Analysis

Assess existing content and determine what new content is needed. Are subject matter experts (SMEs) contributing to the right content?

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Website Performance

Check if your website is generating and tracking traffic effectively. Evaluate conversion rates and address any issues that may arise.

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SEO Evaluation

Examine your current search engine rankings and identify opportunities for improvement in SEO.

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Channel Performance

Identify the most effective channels for value and growth opportunities. Decide which channels should be expanded or scaled down.

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Demand Generation

Review your current marketing expenses. Are you using your money wisely, or are you relying too much on strategies where you have to pay to get results?

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Investment Strategy

Determine if there is room for additional marketing investment and allocate funds where they will have the greatest impact.

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CMO Recommendations

Our Chief Marketing Officers (CMOs) will propose a 90-day go-to-market plan based on our findings, outlining how we would lead your marketing efforts.

Who's Checking Your Digital Marketing?

A careful look at each part of your marketing, led by a CMO and a group of experts.

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Website Speedy

Website Speedy

Sep-2023 to Feb-2024


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Push Remarketing

Dec-2023 to Feb-2024


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Nov-2023 to Jan-2024


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